– When the trend of the logomanía and the French manicure is joined with a result that is pretty amazing



Despite the fact that we are confined at home, the trends in the world of manicure follow one after another. And is that now that we have the time, is the time to entertain us by creating, leaving our imagination to run wild and putting in practice things which we can see by the networks. So, why not join the logomanía and the French manicure, to get really surprising results.

There are many celebrities that have already signed on to the logomanía in their manicures, such as Jennifer Lopez, passing by Rita Ora or Billie Eilish, among others. He has done that, without doubt, become one of the tendenciás most important to dress your nails.

Well, now it has been mixed with the manicures French, so in what comes to be the tip of the nail, placed the logos of luxury brands, giving a roll-over to the manicure for the full and making the mole the whole, things as they are and fully suitable for the more daring.

The experts tell us how to retire at home the enamel of permanent and gel nails: tips to keep in mind

So, now that we have removed the enamel, it is time to begin the manicure, so here we have a few examples that we might as well practice on the artificial nails of which I spoke the other day.

Seven manicures very simple to make but with a different touch that makes them special

What is clear that we do not be lacking for this type of manicures, in addition to our kit of essentials, an enamel porcelain, of the most natural, then we will add the touches of color that we want and, of course, the logo of the brand that we like.

Photo | @nail_unistella