Who is the girlfriend of Dybala: Oriana Sabatini?


Have spent more than a year, living together in Italy a short time ago and she exercised several professions simultaneously.

If there is any relationship of player and celebrity that is taking hold in the media recently that is the Paulo Dybala and Oriana Sabatini. More after both open social media channels for the couple itself rather than individual, as happened in Tik Tokand also following how you have told the world how it is to deal with a quarantine.

Even with its dose of drama, since the player of the Juventus and his girlfriend showed positive two times by coronavirus; however, fortunately for all, they are now stable and out of danger.

Despite the fact that in her country she was already famous, the rest of the world starts to give out and in Goal we provide you with the relevant information.


Oriana Sabatini

Of 23 years and born in Buenos Aires. Artist, model and singer. The daughter of venezuelan actress, Catherine Fulop and Osvaldo Sabatini, entrepreneur, and actor from argentina. Niece of Gabriela Sabatinithe best tennis player woman in the history of Argentina which became the number 3 worldwide. Has a younger sister called Tiziana.

He began his at an early age in the Institute, Julio Chavez, enfocándos especially in theatre, piano and singing. After he emigrated a year at the New York Film Academy. At 13 she modeled for the first time for a magazine. In 2011 he made his debut in television: on the soap opera uruguayan Because I love you so.

In 2012 he obtained a role in the series Allies, where he played the character of Blue Medina. For this role he won the premio Revelación in the Kids Choice Awards Argentina 2013 and, subsequently, the of Favorite Actress in the 2014. Also premiered in theatre with the musical Allies, presented at the Teatro Gran Rex

In April of 2017 launched her career as a solo artist under the pseudonym of Oriana13. Their first single brought it out in English, entitled ” Love me down easy. On 5 July of the same year opened to Ariana Grande during the Dangerous Woman Tour. The November 14 and 15, the chose as the opening act of the group Coldplay, who finished his tour in the Stadium, Only The Silver. In 2018 was at the festival Lollapaloza Argentina.


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For mid-2018, Sabatini came from the end of a courtship of three years with the Youtuber Julian Serrano. In contrast, the Gem had just finish yours with Antonella Cavalieri. Followed in the social networks, and they exchanged likes and comments. After the World in Russia what is officially announced.

At the beginning she was still in his land, and paul in Turin, each one with its corresponding profession. However, for 2020, Oriana decided to move to Italy with him he did not wonder so much. The idea of it, according to his mother, he is producing and composing content “from a distance”, and travel to Latin america when necessary.