Why Margot Robbie as 007? George Lazenby who proposes to the character


The actor George Lazenbywho played the agent James Bond in the past, has said that he would prefer to see a woman in the starring role in the following projects of the franchise 007 and has proposed to Margot Robbie to do this.

The actor played the agent in “On Her Majesty’s Secret Service” in 1969, and in an interview for The Sun he commented: “I would Prefer to see a woman on the screen than a man, so that would be a good idea to have a woman in the role of James BondJane Bond”.

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“There is an australian actress who was listening on the tv just today, Margot Robbie … She would be fine. Looks with a lot of security”. Added Lazenby.

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On the other hand, the latest installment of the franchise “No Time to Die”, has been forced to postpone its premiere until the end of the year due to the coronavirus outbreak continues its growth in the world. It is expected that “No Time to Die” lwill the cinemas between 12 and 25 November next.