Will Smith could be Ninjak in the Movie Universe of Valiant


Universes film are today. Without a doubt, the MCU has worked well enough, fans happy, and profits in the millions are the greatest sign of success for the franchise. Valiant Comics is keen not to be left behind and according to recent information, Bloodshot – 47% is only a taste of what the producers have in mind, and all indicates that they are behind the famous Will Smith to become Ninjak. Does the actor accept this offer?

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Bloodshot faced to several drawbacks during its premiere last month. The film was one of the few productions that ventured to come to the cinema just at the time that the pandemic of COVID-19 was starting out. Vin Diesel stated that the most needed people in these moments are the films, so the team took the decision not to change the date of debut of the film. In general, the movie they showered the bad reviews and the box office suffered the consequences of not having abided by the rules of preventive on time.

The adaptation of the comic starring the actor of Fast and Furious 5in Control – 78% is currently available for your digital consumption. The profits begin to take off, but this is not enough to classify it as a success in the category of films of superheroes. Much less what it would be to think about the next step in the Valiant Cinematic Universe, however, sources close to We Got This Covered have interesting information about what the producers plan to do with the franchise.

Apparently the study is considered to be a reboot to the movie universe. This may sound rather odd, given that it has barely started, and would eliminate Diesel of the play. However, everything indicates that the production has not felt convinced with the result of Bloodshotso the next deliveries could have a new protagonist. Currently, the Valiant Cinematic Universe has an agreement of development for their properties, so that the franchise will continue to focus on recruiting the stars of films of action. In these moments, have in the look in Will Smith.

In accordance with WGTCthe protagonist of I Am Legend – 70% is the first option list to become Ninjak, a character of Valiant Comics known to be a skilled secret agent with a relentless master in martial arts. Up to now has not confirmed whether to accept the agreement, but everything indicates that the production is insisting for you to give life to the superhero. Smith you already have experience in all kinds of films from action, and in the past involved in the Universe-Extended DC thanks to Suicide Squad – 25%, a film that was heavily criticised and saw the end of the short career of Jared Leto as the Joker.

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It is known that Smith it is quite selective for accepting projects, and if they refused to return to The Suicide Squad James Gunn, you may not be interested in making another character in comics. Probably the actor is seeking to focus your career to something different, as films such as Project Gemini – 40% also does not have result favorable to his image as a figure of Hollywood.

Recently came the rumor that Jordan Peele, the master behind it Flees! – 99% and We – 95%, are interested in converting to the protagonist of I, Robot – 58% the star of his next horror film. The director has been frank, not interested in working with white actors for the main of his stories, but who wants to present to african-american people in situations where they had previously been overlooked.

It is evident that if Peele already worked with a winner of the Academy Award as Lupita’nyong or, Will Smith one option would be nothing crazy. It remains to be seen if the interpreter is interested in giving a twist to his career or we will see it soon as a member of the universe film Valiant. Any of the two options, we always love having you on the big screen.

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