Will you be in the X-Men? Sophie Turner gives her opinion on the future of the franchise within Marvel


A few months ago made official what the fans were shouting and is that the franchise of the X-Men finally return home and that way Marvel will be able to produce their upcoming films, a subject on which he spoke Sophie Turner recently.

The actress british spoke with the magazine Variety with his view on the future of the mutants in this movie universe to which it will adhere.

“I don’t even know what the deal is, if Disney wants to continue in the journey of the ‘X-Men’ or not”, revealed the star of Game of Thrones, who like many actors of Marvel, don’t know what are the plans of the company in the future.

Remember that Fox owned the rights to franchises like X-Men, The Fantastic 4 and Deadpool, among others, and who now will be part of Disney, but the celebrity don’t know if he will return to his role of Jean Grey.

“But I always like to go back to that character, on that cast and that experience,” said the wife of Joe Jonas, who played “Phoenix,” on two occasions.

By now the productions of Marvel have been stopped and rescheduled, all because of the threat of the pandemic and it is for this reason that the plans of the income of the X-Men and the future of Sophie Turner, are still in the air.

Meanwhile the actress, who played Sansa Stark for almost 10 years, is next to release his new series called “Survive”, which will arrive shortly to the television.