With much pride! Kim Kardashian shared a tribute he snapped to his fans


In the midst of the health crisis there are celebrities who will not stop to surprise its fans, such as Kim Kardashian that in the last hours excited with a tribute very special to his brothers in their day.

Remember that each 10 of April since 1998, the USA celebrates the national Day of the brother, though not officially recognized is always an excuse to celebrate the family, reason resounding to the socialite did his thing.

After publishing the launch of a new fragrance, where it transpired that 20% of the profits collected on the sales lines between 15 April and 5 may be used to combat the health crisis, the entrepreneur he returned to the news.

This time it was because the famous far from wanting to appear frivolous or too little loving with his family, he felt the need to celebrate their brothers and sisters with images ‘retro’ that marked his childhood.

The daughter of Kris Jenner always been characterized for being a person very familiar to the point of enlarge your family with four children and maintaining a strong online connection with their nieces and nephews.

The amazing thing about postcards Kim it was the presence of a stranger, just seems to be Rob Kardashian, who left the show family from the season number seven, today it is considered the “heir not famous,” the clan Kardashian.

The truth is that while Rob has been section of the media environment in order to preserve the privacy of their daughters, the brunette feels a deep appreciated for his brother and could not be less than retelling the antics of a child. It’s all a charm!