Work with your idol | 24 Hours


The gym it is a focus of infection. A study about how much he enjoyed the Covid-19 surfaces claims that it can survive in the hard plastic and stainless steel up to 72 hours and in carton until 24 hours, so the weights, appliances and surfaces of the enclosure may be contaminated.

The benefits of regular exercise are: reduces stress and anxiety levels, by the release of endorphins; prevents the obesitythat is one of the most important factors for developing chronic degenerative diseases such as diabetes and high blood pressure; improves bone density, increases muscle mass, and strength; and increases the general well-being.

Social isolation can be an opportunity to begin to engage in physical activity or continue with your training without requiring the apparatus of the gym.

Here are the routines that the celebs have shared on their social networks so that you never stop moving during the quarantine period:

Chris Hemsworth

The God of Thunder has an app with exercises functional strength and cardio for men and women, and at different levels, in which you can do exercise in group or individual. Check with your networks.
Account Instagram: @chrishemsworth and @Centrfit

Barbara de Regil

Do not miss the smile, it is yours, and go forward with the guru of fitness. The influencer and actress rose several routines to grow glutes and tone your arms with the things that you can usually find in your house, such as books, gallons and bottles of water. You can also find recipes fit to start eating more healthy.

Account Instagram: @barbaradelregil

John Collinson

The skier arrived at the top of the Everest and is the youngest person to climb the Seven Summits at the age of 17; Collinson shares routines very effective to build strength in the abdomen and arms from your house.

Account Instagram: @johncollinson

Xuan Lan

If your thing is yoga, the specialist gives complete classes on their Youtube channel, or Instagram, for beginners and advanced; as well as meditations to relieve the negative thoughts that can come with the running of the bulls.
Account Instagram: @xuanlanyoga

Laia Ponsa

Pons won the 2012 London Olympics for synchronized swimming, and now puts the necessary exercises to tone your body without leaving your home, listen to the advice of this professional Spanish.
Account Instagram: @laiaponsa

Noguchi Akiyo

It is one of the stronger women that exist, the athlete japanese is a champion of rock climbing and shares with you his routine; it’s good for people who are looking to be more flexible and strong.
Account Instagram: @naguchi_akiyo

Pelin Corkill (food, fitness)

Here you will find a journal on healthy food, high in protein and good fats that the professional makes every day to stop thinking that eating well is boring.
Account Instagram: @fitwomeneat

Zac Efron

The a hollywood actor and athlete has a program on their YouTube channel, Gym Time, in which he does different exercises with the actresses, or different specialists, here is the routine and inspiration you need.
Account Instagram: @zacefron

Britney Spears

Oops she did it again! The singer shares his routine of stretching and meditation during the quarantine, because he says that exercise is crucial for this moment.
Account Instagram: @britneyspears

Kate Upton

The model created a workout program at home, intended for housewives who have the time counted for all activities of the home.
Account Instagram: @kateupton and @strong4mefit

Cristiano Ronaldo

The number one of the soccer international was created, along with nike, The living room cup are challenges of exercise to do from your room and see if you can do better than the CR7.
Account Instagram: @christian

The Professor

Lift your level in basketball with the tips of the magician of the ball. Every day she does a live in to your YouTube account at 16:00 hours to make challenges, and agility exercises.
Account Instagram: @theprofessor