#Yomequedoensasa: easy steps to achieve a stamp batik in quarantine


The stamped batik was reimposed in the last summer and continues to be trend today. It is enough to see how they are using it from Kendall Jenner and marriage to Bieber to the influencer argentina Stefi Roitman. With reason of the quarantine and spend extra time at home, it is common to see in the main accounts of fashion tutorials to make the print with fade effect.Both in Instagram as in Tik Tok, triumphs every time more the technique which in English is called Tie Dye and that means Tie and Dye.

While it is true that come in a kit complete to make it (a task, something difficult to find today with everything closed), also it is possible to do it from home with what we have at hand. You only need to have-aniline leather and a garment that we have been old and a bit worn. In addition, the process of making this print is a magnificent way to relax and make more enjoyable the time.

First, we need to is the garment in question, a large bucket, gloves, coarse salt, marshmallows, and aniline. You can choose to dye a t-shirt oversize (that we use for sleeping and that are the favorite of the majority in the videos) or also a shirt or a good jean when you want to give a second-hand, all are great. In addition, if we are feeling very creative, it is a good option to apply the technique batik in things from home, such as covers, pillow case, towels or sheets. It even works for to dye shoes and scarves.

Second, the step-by-step: fold the garment in half and the tie with several gummy bears. According to the effect that we seek, we place the amount of gummy bears. For example, if we want a print detailed, we have to use many gummy bears by tying small pieces of fabric. Then we put in the bucket; warm water, coarse salt and aniline. Do not forget to mix well before immersing the clothes.

If you want your garment to have different colours, we have to join the garment (leaving it as a bun) and go painting for parties, depending on the color. To achieve this, we put each mix with hot water and salt in a bowl different and we’re going to paint until you leave the spaces of cloth well impregnated. When you are ready, we gummies and leave to dry in the sun, as far as possible during the whole day.