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You’ll want to know the whole story. Through the popular platform of YouTube has unveiled a new viral video who has stolen more than a smile to the users in the social networks. The images were able to capture the precise moment that a cat tries to sneak out behind his ‘older brother’, a shiba inu, without calling her attention.

Thousands of netizens were stunned to see the audiovisual material and shared it on multiple occasions, getting added more than 700 000 reproductions in a span of 3 days. Furthermore, it exceeded 23,000 ‘likes’ on YouTube, so now it is a trend in several countries as United States, Mexico and Spain. Did you see the clip? Here we share with you.

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The images were originally published by the page 9GAG in Twitter, which is characterized by having a large amount of followers and share viral of all kinds. However, because of the popularity of the clip, this came to other platforms such as YouTube and Facebook.

The fun scene it was registered by the owner of the animal, who has always been a witness of their fun rivalry. The small grey cat ate quietly in the room until the shiba inu broke to call the attention of his owner.

The cat saw the perfect opportunity to execute his plan of escape. With much stealth, he walked slowly to the back of the can, who was not fast enough to trap the elusive feline. Don’t you think? Here we will share with the viral; don’t forget to check the gallery of images at the top to see more about this event.

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