Zac Efron: “I would Never want to go back to being so in shape”


We all remember perfectly the physical that Zac Efron got for the film Baywatch. Well, now the actor ensures that he would not again be so in shape.

For your starring at the side of Dwayne Johnson in Baywatch, Zac Efron adopted a style of life very disciplined, which included intense workouts twice a day and eating “virtually free of carbohydrates” to get that kind of physique, even three years later, continues to redefine the stereotype of “transformation of Hollywood”.

The body toned, defined and muscular from Zac, along with the gargantuan size of Dwayne Johnson, was one of the talking points most important of the movie, from the preproduction of the film until the press conferences later. Now, Efron admits that, for a common subject, his physical Baywatch it is not a realistic goal.

As a guest of the show Hot Ones of First We Feast, Efron admitted that his final condition is not something to aim for.

“I realized at the end of the movie, that I would never want to go back to being so in shape,” he said, answering the driver of Hot Ones, Sean Evans.

“In truth, it was too difficult. You’re working with no margin for error. You begin to worry about things like if the water under your skin will make you go from a six pack to a four pack”.

And it is not being exaggerated. The retention of water in the body is an entirely natural process that helps to maintain your skin, muscles and organs healthy. But, just as they did to Hugh Jackman for WolverineHenry Cavill to The Witcher and Efron for Baywatchwater retention can be manipulated before a scene without a shirt in order to make the actor look more defined, and considerably more marked.

However, this does not come without risks. In 1992, Mohammed Benaziza, a professional bodybuilder, died after competing in a contest in Europe for heart failure caused by severe dehydration.

“It is simply stupid. It is not real. I’m happy that it worked and helped me to achieve this. Maybe he’d do it again if it was something worthwhile, but only so I would consider it,” continues Efron, who advises men that fit their priorities. “Take care of your body, take care of your mind. With that, you’ll be fine”.

Commenting on his physique achieved without steroids in an interview with Ellen Degeneres, Efron said:

“It is too big, for men is not realistic. I will tell you. I got very big and muscular for that movie, but I don’t want people to think that that is the best figure. You’re fine the size you are… I don’t want to aspire to be like that.”

By Edward Cooper
A similar article was published in Men’s Health UK.

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