“All Spanish well you know”


Atresmedia has joined the initiative ‘Red Cross responds’ to offer help to those most vulnerable to the pandemic. Almost seven million euros have been collected already for this initiative, which, among other things, has been made a marathon of humor with Carlos Alsina in Wave Zero.

Among the participants was Joaquin Reyes, who has to Mamen Mendizabal in better Late details. “People have been very generous in these moments by collaborating with the Red Cross,” says the comedian, who also used to throw a dart to the critique of Vox culture. “The people have relied upon the ‘comicuchos’of the tititeros that we are only to suck and ask for things, all in Spanish of the well-known”, satirizes the comic.

On the other hand, Joaquín Reyes stresses the importance of humor in these moments and the collaboration with the project Red Cross: “There are older people that is single that takes a month without giving a hug and feels more alone than ever”.

In addition, the comedian stresses that it is important to say that “there are a lot of people that is retrieved because the toilets are working all they can”.

Finally, Joaquin Reyes explained that he is finishing a novel and preparing to a movie with Ernesto Sevilla and Miguel Esteban for when you finish the confinement.

The imitation of Joaquin Reyes in The Intermediate

Joaquin Reyes mimicked the expresident of the Catalan government, Carles Puigdemont, for a recording that cost him an unexpected visit of six Police officers because a neighbor was confused with the true Puigdemont: “It is not exile, but a Interrail”.

But this is not the only character relevant to that the comedian has imitated. On another occasion made of “the Kennedy with hiss right”: Juanma Moreno, the first president of Andalucía, PP.

Joaquin Reyes also got into the skin of Quim Torra, in The middle There, the president has recognized that “hates Spain” but it is an “independence of ” pata negra” that I can not resist to the rhythm of the Melody. This is the full video:

In addition, Joaquin Kings imitated the activist Greta Thunbergthe girl Swedish most famous in the world from Pippi Longstocking: “In Madrid, I was approached by a man with a very small that seemed to be the victim of radioactive contamination… but it was the mayor!”.