An integral part of ‘Justice League’ would be key to that Robert Pattinson is a the DCEU

Since it was announced the film ‘the Batman’ many fans wondered if he would have relationship with the Universe Paving of DC, which was denied by the production, however, this could change, because it was reported that ‘The Flash’ would do that Robert Pattinson is a the DCEU.

This feature of the protector of Gotham, will show the early years of the hero, in addition, that will focus on a story more crime to prove because it is the best detective in the world, however, creará their own universe away from the one that created Warner Bros. a few years ago.

Although the portal of We Got This Covered reported this week that it is planned that Pattinson actually part of the franchise so as to create a universe shared equally solid that your competition the Movie Universe of Marvel (MCU).

So that in order to achieve this ambitious goal, the source indicates that the live-action of ‘The Flash’ would be the response, since that will be handled as of flahspoint, that is to say Barry Allen alter space and time, to create a new reality so we would see the Batman of Pattinson interacting with Wonder Woman’s Gal Gadot or Aquaman Jason Momoa.

The problem that could find the feature of sprinter scarlet is that its protagonist Ezra Miller could be replaced, due to the video controversial that circulates on social networks where hanging herself to a fan, this has made many fans from pressing on Warner Bros. of fire the actor of this production.

With either Miller or not, the plan of which ‘The Flash’ would do that Robert Pattinson is a the DCEU could be a fact in the near future, only time (and Warner Bros.) will decide finally.

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