Apple TV+ offers much of its catalog free of charge


‘Little America’ is available for free.

Apple TV+ makes available to all a handful of their best series for you to enjoy during the quarantine.

For a limited time, customers in more than 100 countries such as Spain you can see some of the original series of Apple TV+ free of charge. So just go to the official website of Apple for an easier access to the content.

‘Little America’

Created by Lee Eisenberg and the executive producers Kumail Nanjiani, Emily V. Gordon and Alan Yang, Little America it is a series that brings together eight real-life stories fun, romantic, kind, inspiring and amazing on immigrants in the united States.


This thriller psychological and full of twists of script M. Night Shyamalan follows the story of a couple from Philadelphia, in a duel after an unspeakable tragedy. This situation causes a rift in the marriage, at the same time that opens the doors of her house to a mysterious force.

‘For all humanity’

This series presents a world in which engineers and NASA astronauts and their families live extraordinary situations through the prism of an alternate timeline in which the Soviet Union reached the moon before the united States.


This acclaimed comedy, performed by the Oscar nominated Hailee Steinfeld and created by Alena Smithexplores boldly the social constraints, family, and gender from the perspective of the young poet Emily Dickinson. Wiz Khalifa acts as a guest star in this comedy nominated for the awards GLAAD.


This new series of preschool from the creators of Sesame Street has been recognized with several awards that recognize the integrity and quality of the program, including awards Parents’ Choice and Common Sense Media. Join Cody and the Helpsters (Monstruantes), a group of monsters that love to solve problems, whether it be to organize a party, climbing a mountain or doing a magic trick.

‘The ghost writer’

A new version of the series of 1992 of Sesame Workshops. In each episode, the story arc revolves around the literature, including classics and new works by popular authors such as D. J. MacHale, or Kwame Alexander. Since its premiere, “The paper ghost” has won several awards, Parents’ Choice, and Common Sense Media.

‘Snoopy in space’

Take off with Snoopy in this series of 12 episodes in which there Charlie Brown and the endearing gang of the Peanuts to the full. Snoopy fulfills his dream of embarking on their next great adventure: to become a NASA astronaut. Accompanied by Charlie Brown and the Peanuts, Snoopy assumes the command of the International Space Station, exploring to the moon, and what’s beyond.

Snoopy in space it is a series nominated for the awards, DGA, and ANNIE and has been recognized with several awards, Parents’ Choice, and Common Sense Media.

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in April 2020.