As well responds to Selena Gomez who claim that ‘Boyfriend’ makes reference to Justin Bieber


Selena Gomez is causing a lot of controversy with his new song because of Justin Bieber

Some days ago, Selena revealed the launch of a special edition of her new album ‘Rare’, which includes the song ‘Boyfriend’, a topic that had already caused controversy, so it is called one of the most popular songs of her ex-boyfriend Justin Bieber.

Now that Sel released the video of ‘Boyfriend’, the fans are convinced that he did some references of her toxic relationship with Justin, because in the letter he talks about being in love with the boy wrong constantly, wanting to find her prince charming without having to kiss so many toads.

I want a boyfriend, but I keep hitting dead ends, attempt to take a shortcut, but I cut again and again. I want a boyfriend, tell me, how are good?, I keep finding the wrong, but I want to love“: Canta Selena.

However, after the release of ‘Boyfriend’, Selena shared the true meaning of the song, so you end up with the speculations that the return to connect with Justin:

Many of you know how excited I have been about to launch a song called ‘Boyfriend’. It is a cheerful song about fall and re-rise again and again in love, but also knowing that you don’t need anyone but yourself to be happy“.

What do you guys think?, do you believe that ‘Boyfriend’ of selena have to do with Justin?

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