Belinda cause controversy by his first video in Tik Tok


Belinda sings a verse of his new song with Juan Magan.

The singer’s Spanish-mexican, Belinda finally fell in the fashion of the Tik Tok and he premiered his account with a video, featuring their new song with Juan Magan.

Belinda went up in the first video to his account of Tik Tok and about ‘Madrid X Marbella’, the new collaboration with Juan Magan, which still has no official video, as it is recorded in these months, but apparently had to stop everything due to the pandemic.

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It was the 9th day of April, ‘Madrid X Marbella’, it was released on the digital platforms and here you leave if you haven’t heard.

A couple of weeks ago, Belinda published a video on their social networks about the lack of seriousness that the people were giving to the illness of a Coronavirus. The singer stated that it was not time to show your home workout, videos of Tik Tok or make jokes, it was time to be serious.

Due to the first video that came up Belinda to your account Tik Tok where she sings a piece of the new song with Magan, came plenty of criticism over its “opposite actions” to what I had said. What emerged in comments such as:

“Belinda, what you didn’t say that it was not time to make TikTok and doing exercise routines?”

“Remember when Belinda uploaded a video saying that it was not time uploading videos, dancing, doing exercise or TikTok. Since the typical.”

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“Never say never because the mouth can bleed”

“What already happened to the drama?”.

“Is bipolar the Beli”.

Despite the bad comments, there are also many people that support and understand that the only thing that I wanted to do was to promote his song.

What do you think?

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