Biohacking. Get to know the tool to change the mentality and the body with technology


Credit: Illustrations of Lucila Perini.

We live in cities since ancient times (9 out of every 10 people in Latin america will live in a big city in the next 4 decades), but the cities were changed, and, with modernity, many of those changes affect us, in ways not always positive.

Think about the biohacking as a way to build a bridge between nature and urban life is a good start. To that end, this discipline employs two basic tools: the technology and the measurement and study of the different variables that make up our health

. It may seem counterintuitive -is to fight technology with more technology?-, but, in truth,

it is relying on the information:

we can measure how they behave, our body and our mind

, how to interact with the environment and how to react if we make adjustments in our environment and our habits


Globally, it is known as one of the creators of biohacking Dave Asprey, a technologist and entrepreneur billionaire who in his twenty-six years he felt depressed, a little vital and inflamed, and began to investigate how to optimize your body and your mind. Then travel and investment, Asprey founded his own company, Bulletproof, which organizes congresses and marketed by the famous

Bulletproof Coffee

drink biohacker par excellence, made with a base of coffee, coconut oil and butter organic. Asprey, who is proposed to show that

hacking your body it was possible to live better

, is not the only one, as there are thousands of individuals or tribes biohackers practicing globally the biohacking today. It is even possible to find many groups on social networks such as Facebook.

In this sense, the movement Biohacker or DYBbio takes the spirit of the

do it yourself

and, through technology and a focus hacker, tries to find practical solutions to counteract the effects of modern urban life. What do we mean with a approach hacker? To that,

if we can hack a program or a computer, we can also hack our biology, with the aim of optimize this and feel better, both physically and mentally


How it works?

The official definition says that biohacking is the use of science, technology, and quantified self (quantified self) to optimize our biology in a way that is fast and measurable, according to the bioindividualidad of each one. There are plenty of apps and programs to track your sleep patterns –

Sleep Cycle



for example-your diet, physical activity, changes in temperature and breathing, etc .. Also there are devices of medium to high complexity that vary in price and accessibility to measure and give feedback on how we are doing. One of the most publicized in the last time is the

Oura Ring

used, among other figures, by high-performance athletes like Manu Ginobili, but that is also used by players of rugby teams, or football. Similarly, the biohacking has become the discipline of choice for the celebs, from Robert Downey Jr. even prince Harry, passing by the Kardashian and even Gwyneth Paltrow, who, in his the reality of Netflix mentions several approaches that are used within this field.

What other tools uses biohacking in addition to the measurement? Neurofeedback, which links brain activity with an image or sound in real time to teach you to autoentrenarte, forge new neuronal connections, and to adopt or avoid certain states of mind. It is a tool that is out already is using the torque of psychotherapy to work with phobias, anxiety and other disorders.

What are nootropics?

Another big trend in biohacking is the use of nootropics, which are enhancers congnitivos. There are those with natural components and that up can be done at home and others in the lab that can be purchased. What are they? It is defined as anything that generates an increase in the mental condition, alertness and concentration, with components such as caffeine, mateína, choline, vitamin B or L-theanine, among others. It is also used neuro-linguistic or NLP (neurolinguistic programming) and even meditation. What is interesting, however, is that, although the definition of biohacking seems quite removed from everyday life, each one you can put together your own “blend” that articulates different techniques (our in-house expert shares his in


) and that allows you to zoom in a little bit more to what we live every day. “All the approaches of biohacking have something in common: they pursue power to be actors and drivers of our own neuroplasticity, which means being able to disconnect the neural networks that we don’t do well and connect those that make us well -explained matter-of-factly Vicar-. We start from the basis that if you change what you think, you change what I feel and what I can do. I’m the same I separate the process in optimization of the biology and optimization of the mentality. While the optimization of the mentality enters into the biohacking as current”.

Its Main benefits

The main is to help keep our body clean and healthy and, as we said at the beginning, to counteract the urban life that we all have. “When the body is more clean and healthy our mitochondria are better, we have more energy to get out of the way escape, that is to be on the defensive, to flee, to fight, to be afraid. But if we have more energy, we can go further and be in contact with our life purpose, with others, to do good,” says the Vicar. Apart from biohacking itself, with tools that are more expensive (neurofeedback, cameras, cryo, intravenous nutrients) to more accessible (training of the heart rate variability, lenses to counteract the excess blue light artificial, dietary supplements, and apps); there are also complementary approaches, from the plant medicine as snuff or the kambo, which help to detoxify the body and reset the immune system, to hacks free, that we can put the same in practice.

Hacks free

Credit: Illustrations of Lucila Perini.

  • Natural exposure & grounding

    : walk on the grass, the earth, the sand as much as possible. Be in contact with nature (at least two hours per week).
  • Dream

    : don’t sleep with the phone next to; of not being able to avoid it, put it in airplane mode and plugging the artificial lights with stickers red or block it with black tape the light blue. You can track your sleep patterns with any app, downloadable free on your mobile phone like Sleep Cycle.
  • Screens

    :- prevent screens near bedtime, use apps filtering of the light in the cell and monitors, such as F. lux. The first light that your body receives or see is not that of a screen when you levantás: I went out to the balcony to watch the sun go down.
  • Nootropics natural

    : to make your own BulletProof Coffee, mix origin coffee single,

    butter from pasture or ghee

    and coconut oil. The matcha, the green tea and the mate also raise your system.

Expert consulted

: Melina Vicar. Masters in coaching specialised in neuroscience, technology and innovation at Stanford.