Birds of prey: Romance between Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy for the sequel


The director of Birds of Prey, Cathy Yan, and has shown true interest in exploring a relationship between Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy for the sequel, so they had to express it openly.

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Yan revealed that he already has some ideas for the possible filming of Birds of Prey 2, despite the fact that is not yet officially confirmed a sequel to the movie, shared his desire that there is an automatic connection between Harley – Ivy on the big screen.

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“I would love to see Poison Ivy, and I certainly would love to see the relationship between Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy,” said Yan to the media. “I think that the people is not yet ready to let go of Harley Quinn and you know, Margot, I do not think you are ready to leave to Harley Quinn,” he added.

In case of agreed to film a second part of the movie, Yan is certainly not would be without material for the first Adventure of the duo dnámico. Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy have a very complicated history, and long in the DC universe, starting with your computer in Batman: The Animated Series, through which they settled in quickly as the version of Thelma and Louise of Gotham City.

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Thanks to its great popularity, such a couple empowered DC is joined in a series of television and comic books, including a series solo Harley that was written by Amanda Connor and Jimmy Palmiotti. Where through the pages, there is a romantic relationship between Quinn and Ivy, which became official after that insinuate subtextualmente for many years.

Despite the criticism in its most positive, Birds of Prey of the production house of Warner not achieved what was expected at the box office. Finally the movie ended by raising gross revenue worldwide of $201.9 million against a budget estimate of $85 million dollars.