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“You, you, nobody like you, you, there is a sustitutu…”, we’ve been singing all from months ago. What about the guilty? Nothing more and nothing less than Camilo. The colombian singer released Tutu last summer, together with Peter Hood. The result? The song became a hit and captivated the very same Shakira, who joined the remix in October.

Even though it has been in 2019 when Camilo has hit the pitch, the colombian takes over a decade dedicated to music. And why I only have 26 years! The young man began his adventures in X Factor when presented to the children’s version of his country when it was only a preteen.

Then, years later, began to get issues. But not only that, he also began to write and produce songs for others. In fact, is behind hits such famous as Without Pajamas or My Bad. But it has been from 2019 when it has shifted the focus of his career and has decided to sing his own songs.

What the latest? Favorite and For The First Timetwo themes that in less than a month have become successful. Now, to get to know you better, the colombian artist opens to us the front camera of your mobile in the latest installment of #YoMeQuedoEnCasaConLOS40. On the other side is our Charlie Jimenez

The first thing we talk about is For The First Time, the theme that has launched with his wife Evaluna, whose video clip was filmed in her own wedding. Yes, the song was not written purposely for that day: “The song we wrote in November. I was with Evaluna and a couple of friends to bounce ideas. We were not thinking that the song would be our wedding. We started to compose and picked up a character so personal that we decided that it was for that day.” A month after the release of the video, the topic already has over 45 million views just on Youtube.

And is that Evaluna, who is also a singer, is the muse of Camilo, the person that writes the songs and who gives the full happiness. In fact, the colombian singer does not understand what you are going to put in their videos to another person by your partner: “there is a line that clears our personal life, our artistic life. It makes No sense for me to pay a woman for me to embrace it in a video clip, because I don’t feel that it is real.”

Disk in nothing

In addition, these days the artist is taking to finalise the details of his first album: “I Am about to inform you that I’m going to throw disc. The best songs I’ve ever written in my life are in it, at least the ones that most define me”.

Camilo also has us ahead of time that there will be more of a surprise in the album: “This disc has a lot of brush strokes. There are unexpected surprises. I am listening to sounds and genres that had not yet visited with my music.”

Camilo has also confessed that he has been part of the process of creation of the theme that you have Juanes and Dani Martín, The bones, which comes out this April 9th.

In fact, the young man has told a little anecdote of the day that he met the singer from madrid: “it Is by leaving the song of Dani Martín with Juanes. It is a song that I wrote next to them when I met Dani. It is the day that I said, ‘Camilo, this is the watch most ugly in the world’. It is the watch that I found with my father in the Dominican when we were scuba diving and can not give the time.”

But it is not the only anecdote which has Camillus with artists. The interpreter Tutu he has confessed that he shares a past with the guys of Morat: “I studied with them aromonía five years ago. They told me what they dreamed and what I had dreamed of. It was very nice”.

“My mustache is more of Evaluna”

Although many are taking advantage of this confinement to change the look, Camilo remains loyal to his particular moustache, which already has become one of its hallmarks of identity. When Charlie asked if he has thought done something in the beard to innovate these days, the artist has responded humorously with the following words: “This mustache belongs more to Evaluna that to me. When I tell him to do something he says no. She says she married me for the moustache, the rest gives you equal.”

At the moment, but have you ever thought of taking it off, you’re not going to do: “At some point I want to. The theme of the aesthetics I created as a prison. The day I feel that is a pressure, I what short. At this time, my moustache makes me very happy, but the day not to do so, chao”

Taking advantage of the time

Camilo is taking advantage of these days to reconnect with yourself. “It is very strong what is going on, but I’m taking advantage of the time that I’m having at home to reconnect with some things. I don’t go anywhere,” he answered when we asked on which site you would like to be.

In addition, these days has taken the opportunity to discover the wonderful world of Disney movies Channel: “Yesterday I saw Camp Rock. I didn’t think I was going to like it, but when I saw it I loved it. I fell in love with Demi Lovato and The Jonas Brothers. I’ve also done the choreography of High School Musical.”

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