Chris Hemsworth gave out spoilers fake “Avengers: Endmage”


Already almost meets a year of the premiere of “Avengers: Endgame” one of the most anticipated events for the followers of the Movie universe of Marvel.

The film was present for the first time, the greater amount of characters presented in the, up to then, 21 films in the series on the gems of the infinite.

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Many efforts were made to prevent the spread of spoilers that could ruin the experience of the followers of Marvel.

The actor Chris Hemsworthfor example, I said to Rudraksch Jaiswal, his co-star in “Extraction”, false data about the plot.

In an interview with Koimoi, Jaiswal he says that he tried to persuade Hemsworth I tell you about “Avengers: Endgame” during filming they both were in Bangkok in 2018.

I asked him to give me a single spoiler and I gave a fake one to confuse me and so not return to ask. I said that Spider-Man became Ant-Man. When I asked him how was that possible, he told me that he saw the movie.

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Extraction” movie, where both players share credits, tells the story of a mercenary from the black market which you must embark on a mission of rescue of child abducted from a head of international crime, which is to be found in prison.

Its premiere in Netflix is scheduled for April 24.