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After posting that she misses her friends and can’t make a normal life for save quarantine by the coronavirus (COVID-19), the model Kendall Jenner has just published a series of photographs where you can see entertaining with the video games in their Nintendo’s console Switch. The publication has thousands of ‘likes’ on the part of his fans and several comments.

Kendall Jenner, known for being the most rebellious of the clan Kardashian-Jennerjust disclose what passed their time of social distancing playing Mario Kart Tour and in a bikini. In the pictures you can see the angel of Victoria’s Secret looking at the camera before starting a game.

The publication of the model has more than four million of ‘likes’ on the part of all his followers in social networks. “You look great”, “you Are the most beautiful”, “Great game for Nintendo,” A contemporary classic”, told his fans.

Bella and Gigi Hadidfriends and colleagues of Kendall, did not let the opportunity pass to comment on the postcards. “Yes,” “Equal” they said the models.

As you recall, was a few days ago Kendall Jenner counted on his social networks that he misses his friends and not being able to make a life within the normal range. The model of 24 years, also said that you start your day by taking breakfast and walking their dog through the garden of his mansion.


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