Cory Barlog confirms that christianity is a part of this world


God of War was born as a game focused on Greek mythology and the following titles of the series followed that path. But when it came to the title of 2018, the franchise began to expand into other pantheons. Kratos and his son Atreus explored the lands of norse mythology, and according to several reports, the sequel to the title will also focus on the gods of folklore scandinavian.

But, in this universe, is there a site for christianity, the religion professed in the west? According to one of the most important names within the franchise, yes, there is. On Twitter, Cory Barlog, director of the video game of 2018, received a curious question from a fan, who wanted to know if christianity would take place in a universe like the God of War and the response of the creative left the doors open to the religion that began to profesarse in the first century of our era.

Q: Sir, what is christianity another universe in God of War?

A: it Is part of the world, yes.

While Barlog has confirmed that christianity is part of the universe of God of War, does not mean that a title focused on this theme is on the way or in development, as focus in this religion could be risky. Yes, it is a good extra information about the world in which they live, Kratos.

There is nothing official about what will be the next work in the series, but there are clues that Sony Santa Monica is already working on the sequel of God of War and that this would come to the PlayStation 5. Norse mythology would be again the main theme, as a topic of PS4 of this title included some ruins of the nordic with a message that was translated as “comes the Ragnarok”. Within this mythology, the Ragnarok is a battle not only the end of the world, but that will also mean the destruction of the universe.

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