Criticism: Criticism of the “tiger Tail” (“Tigertail”), Alan Yang (Netflix)

After directing episodes of various series such as Parks and Recreation, Master of None (of which he was co-creator alongside Aziz Ansari), The Good Place and ForeverYang made his debut in the feature film a film about the history of your father which is significantly below their not a few ambitions.

Tiger tail (Tigertail, United states/2020). Script and direction: Alan Yang. Cast: Tzi Ma, Christine Ko, Hong-Chi Lee, I-Hsing Fang, James Saito and Joan Chen. Photography: Nigel Bluck. Edit: Daniel Haworth. Duration: 91 minutes. Original movie available on Netflix.

Until Aziz Ansari he fell in disgrace by allegations of “inappropriate conduct”, Master of None it was one of the best series available on Netflix. And, beyond the role of Ansari, there appeared as a second showrunner, co-writer and director of a couple of chapters Alan Young. Now, this californian, 36-year old debuted in the feature film a movie that-while it connects with the series on the exploration of cultural clashes, and generation of those immigrants or descendants living between the traditions of their origins and the efforts to adapt to the American Way of Life – it has a style and a tone much more classic and solemn.

There is almost no humor, therefore, in Tiger tail, an epic that pendula all the time between a present in the united States (with axis in the tense, cold and anguished relationship between a father and his daughter as an adult), and a past that describes the intense experiences of the protagonist, Grover (a character inspired by the father’s own Yang) in his youth, when -without resources or too many alternatives – had to choose between staying with the love of his life in a rural village of Taiwan or travel to north America with the daughter of his employer, who is responsible for financing the project to cambior of that arranged marriage.

As well held other reviews, it is in this journey to the past -with a look that at certain moments referred to the aestheticism and stylization of Wong Kar-wai With a spirit of love and in others to the excitement and humanism of the master of taiwanese cinema was Edward Yang (Yi Yi)- Alan Yang gets the best moments of the film. Instead, the whole sub-plot contemporary, it seems all too obvious, highlighted and conventional, especially when you post to the machismo of Grover (the hongkonés Tzi Ma in the adult version of the character).

As well, with results quite puzzling and uneven even in the aesthetic (the past is told with a grain and a beautiful color palette that bet to the nostalgia on sixtieswhile this looks like a mediocre telefilm), Tiger tail leaves the aftertaste of bitter because it could have been a lot better than it is.

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