Does Amber Heard falsely accused to Jhonny Deep? The declaration that could take you to jail


Nothing was left of the sweet and wonderful story of the love that you once knew have Jhonny Deep and his former spouse, Amber Heard. They take two years faced in a chilling court battle, where the allegations do not stop any of the parties. Partner violence was a common factor during the relationship, or at least as well, as confirmed by the witnesses who passed through the Justice.

The former wife Deep was the first to accuse him of physical violence, verbal and psychological. However, the actor did not react until he noticed that all the accusations of the blond, had taken a huge reputation and he went on to be the bad guy of the film. The public opinion had been unleashed against him, so he decided to claim it for defamation.

Today, the young artist is facing a setback very important judicial, which could lead to imprisonment for a term of 3 years. Is that, since it was made public this war legal, not stopped receive videos and audios, where the protagonists blame each other. But that would now be the least of the problems the ex-wife of Jhonny.

In 2015, Amber Heard he was part of a segment of the program that leads to Jimmy Fallon, and claimed before a judge that in that presentation, I had bumps and marks on the face, due to the blows which he had received Jhonny Deep. In response to these latest statements, the whole truth could be revealed with the testimony of the makeup artist who attended to Amber this time, he will be able to know what happened exactly between the couple.

According to the sayings of the stylist, never noticed anything weird in the face of the model. Nothing else seems to hit, at least nothing that would be exposed to the view of all. The statement earned him a certain advantage over Deep, today you could take her to prison, for perjury.