Does the aunt May OR MJ? Peter Parker would lose a loved one in the MCU

One of the characters that quickly became one of the most beloved within the Movie Universe of Marvel is Spider-Man, played by Tom Holland, who, with two films alone, and the participation in three other movies has simply become one of the favorites, but apparently Spidey will have to go through a great loss, as aunt May or Happy they could lose the life in ‘Spider-Man 4’.

Apparently this has not been the only drama that has lived this character, because for a short period of time was out of the MCU at the request of Sony Pictures, but thanks to the intervention of Tom Holland managed to get back to this universe and it seems that it will be very beneficial, because the films that prepared this production company will have connection with all the other Marvel heroes.

Sources close to Marvel Studios has revealed some details for the future of the character, as the aunt May, or Happy they could lose the life in ‘Spider-Man 4’ or even might be 2, although it has not been revealed the reason for the look finish with the character, but it is rumored that these losses would be at the hands of the Sinister Six being perhaps the plot of the film.

Until the moment, only has confirmed the third part of the spider, which still has a release date of the July 16, 2021, a date that has not been modified before the movement of the dates of the MCU that they had to move to the contingency of the coronavirus, but does not rule out that it may travel a few months.

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