Donald Trump studied to pardon to Joe Exotic after the success of ‘Tiger King’ on Netflix


Netflix returns to remind us of the power of the media. Already happened with ‘Making a Murderer’, a docuserie put you in the limelight the old legal case of Steven Avery and his dubious sentence of 18 years in prison. In his time, a request for pardon for Avery came to the White House with 500,000 signatures.

Now, the streaming platform is succeeding with a new documentary series, ‘Tiger King’, which has been seen by 34 million viewers in the US in 10 days, and brought him to the present, the fringe open in another legal case, that of Joe Exoticas an owner of a zoo privately in Oklahoma who is accused of organizing a murder.

'Tiger King'

The case has returned to raise doubts in the public opinion, with people like Cardi B positioning itself for the release of the prisoner. Another of those who have defended it the eldest son of Donald Trump, getting to joke around with the idea of convincing his father to indulte Joe Exotic. Well, a few journalists have asked the President of the united States if he will consider the pardon, and the answer Trump has not been negative: “Him I’ll take a look”quoted New York Post.

Do up the adaptation of Ryan Murphy?

In view of the success that has had the real story on Netflix, it would not be strange that someone adapt the case of Joe Exotic to a movie, or a miniseries. And this seems to be announced Rob Lowe in his account of Instagram. The actor from ‘Parks and Recreation’ shared a picture of him dressed as Joe Exotic along to the text “Rob Exotic. Update: Ryan Murphy and I, we will develop our own version of this crazy story. ¡Stay tuned!.

It seems that it is more of a joke because of the boredom of the quarantine of an official announcement, but… wouldn’t it be Ryan Murphy screenwriter perfect for this project? On the other hand, andl third and current husband of Joe Exotic, Dillon Passage, you’ve chosen in an interview to People the actor that should interpret it in a possible adaptation: Zac Efron. It is good that you have such a good self-esteem, Dillon.