Don’t wait to the fans! Maluma revealed his phone number To you scribes!


Maluma is in compliance with the orders of quarantine detention, to prevent transmission and spread of the coronavirus.

Through their social networks, the colombian singer has shown all the activities it has undertaken in house, where both free time seems to be affecting you.

A couple of days ago, the dark was left to see dancing in TikTok, with a shaved head and also doing exercises in the garden of his home, trying to stay busy.

But it seems that nothing entertains completely, so has decided to bring to another level the interaction you normally have with their followers. What did he do?

The ex of Natalia Barulich he surprised his fans by assuring them that it was “pending” from them in these days of confinement, for which reason he encouraged you to publish your phone number!

In his Instagram, the interpreter of ‘What a shame’ he wrote: “This is my cel, give me # 1 (718) 223-4307 I’m pending”, which has caused quite a stir among their fans.

To clear the doubts raised about the veracity of the matter, Maluma he showed his phone from the message inbox, where you will only receive texts from the united States and Canada. Would you would you write?