Fan lung made by the UFG will be presented in concert for the WHO global


The ambu emergency -fan-lung – automated developed in the Laboratory of Nanotechnology of the University Francisco Gavidia (UFG), has been selected as one of the global propositions that will be on display in a music concert organized by the World Health Organization (WHO) on April 18.

The director of the Institute of Sciences of the UFG, Oscar Picardo Joao, told El Mundo Newspaper that communicated with him on the part of the Ministry of Culture to inform them that the project of the respirator could represent The Savior in the initiative.

“They sent us a script to make the video and the questions that we had to respond, as did the production of the video. as we come in contact with the production company that is the link to one of the television channels that will transmit the concert”, said Picardo.

The concert of April 18, so-called “One world together at home”, will be a gala event live for television with the aim of supporting the work of WHO in the fight against the coronavirus. The event will last about two hours and it will be chains such as the british BBC and the american ABC, CBS, and NBC, among others, in addition to a variety of online platforms.

Among the stars invited to this event so special include names as well known as Alanis Morisette, Elton John, Billie Joel, Andrea Bocelli, Paul McCartney, Stevie Wonder, Chris Martin, Lizzo, and Billie Eilis, among others.

The director of the Institute of Sciences of the UFG, Oscar Picardo Joao, expressed his satisfaction by taking them into account in the initiative./DEM

“This is good news, the projection for the team, are super excited, heading out on an initiative to come out with major artists such as those that appear there Lady Gaga as coordinator, Paul McCartney, Steve Wonder and other artists carve international,” said Picardo.

“We’re very happy,” he said.

The device was developed by engineers Romeo Muñoz, Angel Hernandez and Wolfgang Büscher, with the support of Rainer Christoph, coordinator of the Laboratory of Nanotechnology of the UFG.

The team was prepared with an engine, a piece of arduino, an axis, an ambu manual and a base of wood, among other items that can be purchased at hardware stores.

The ambu is a device that serves to provide ventilation with pressure exerted manually to the patients who cannot breathe or who have their lungs are compromised by infection.

Once you have registered hundreds of cases of COVID-19 (infection caused by coronavirus) all over the world, the engineers working in the laboratory of Nanotechnology of the UFG put aside their projects to create a ambu automated, that is to say, a device which can replace the manual pressure by an automatic movement. This with the aim to assist more patients, in a given case to rise in the country the number of people affected by the coronavirus.