Filtered art from the canceled Superman and Suicide Squad for WB Montreal


Warner Bros Montreal and Rocksteady have remained silent for almost the entire generation. The first lanz Batman: Arkham Origins in 2013, for the last generation, while the second is responsible of Batman: Arkham Knight 2015. Since then it is known that they have cancelled several projects related to cmicsas a title of Batman, starring Damian Wayne, and several months ago is rumored that the new Batman Montreal is a reboot away from Arkham that gives a beginning to a new universe of video games. Inspired by the arch of The Court of the Bhos.

Now, have leaked several images of art from what may have been two projects for Warner Bros Montreal, one of Superman and another of Suicide Squad (Escuadrn Suicide). The illustrations indicate that they belong to 2014 and perhaps not went from conceptual ideasexploring various possibilities before returning to the games Batman.

The game Superman we can see the protagonist, flying over a night city -we assume that Metrpolis, although it does not appear the most characteristic building of the Daily Planet-and the other with Lex Luthor imprisoned.

Filtered art from the canceled Superman and Suicide Squad WB Montréal Image 2

Of Suicide Squad only we have multiple expressions of Harley Quinnone of the protagonists of the group that was adapted to the big screen in 2016. Recently estren the spin-off Birds of prey (and the fantabulosa emancipacin of Harley Quinn) and in 2021 est anticipated sequel, The Suicide Squad by James Gunn and Margot Robbie repeating in the role of Quinn.

Filtered art from the canceled Superman and Suicide Squad WB Montréal Image 3

The new Batman is gonna be announced at E3 2020

For the first time, Warner Bros. tena planned a conference at E3 2020 in which to advertise their relatives games, among them the new Batman WB Montreal, the new game of Harry PotterHarry Potter Magic Awakened– and what’s next for Rocksteady. We do not know if optarn for a digital event, as they are preparing other editors, because this year is not celebrated on the E3 for the problem with the coronavirus.