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Artists, communicators, youtubers cubans in the day of the dog

Each April 12th, is celebrated across the world on the day dedicated to those fellow stalwarts that are for humans dogs. Activities different can take to the streets to raise awareness about their care, the need for structures of thought more responsible, and the simple initiative to share images, videos, stories about the goodness that we tend to provide these friends.

The WHO has recently warned that pet dogs do not transmit SarsCov-2, the virus that causes the Covid-19, for refuting fake news in social networks. But this time, like many other activities, the current pandemic wanted to tarnish what would have normally been a party in public in many cities. In turn, thousands of people in the world share images of the positive contributions of their pets in the daily life difficult from the quarantine.

From Cuba, young animal lovers did not hesitate to share their photos and stories with their “family” canines through the social networks.

We’ll give you today, this selection of national and international a short tribute to these staunch companions of life.

So they had their initiative the dog lovers in Cuba, so as not to overlook the day of the canines.

The young communicator Hamlet Walls shared images of your beautiful Rihanna, as a thank you to the love that you give us, especially jan these times, the dogs.Photos: taken from social networks

Vicky Rivero was one of the users that shared the beautiful pictures with all of their dogs to raise awareness about your care, in your day. Photos: Taken from social networks

Adopt a stray is a label that was used in this 12 of April. Photos: Taken from social Networks

Users from all over the world share funny pictures of their pets in times of isolation. Photos: Taken from social Networks

Pets that are included in the telebtrabajo. Photos: Taken from social Networks