Gisele Bündchen gave an ultimatum to Tom Brady not to collaborate at home



Although the face of the gallery have always projected the image of a marriage as idyllic, Tom Brady and Gisele Bündchen went through a phase of very complicated a couple of years ago, as he has confessed now the famous quarterback. His beautiful wife was under the impression that he used his sporting career and his professional commitments parallel as an excuse to not collaborate at home.

“The feeling that I had was that playing football during the season while she stayed at home taking care of everything and, when I had just the season, I said: ‘okay, now I’m going to occupy the rest of my business.’ She was waiting to see when I encourage you to begin to do things in house or to take care of the children,” said Tom in an interview with Howard Stern for the radio station SiriusXM.

Eventually the brazilian model is tired of putting aside their own dreams and aspirations to dedicate himself to bring the school to the three children they have in common all the day, and organize your household routine. Gisele ended up writing a letter to Tom, which he still keeps safely tucked away in a drawer, to confess that she was not satisfied with the direction that had taken their life in common.

At first he reacted by becoming defensive, but eventually had to accept that the dynamics that had been followed during the last decade it had stopped working for one of the two. Gisele and Tom started to go then to couple therapy to find a balance at the time of shared family responsibilities and to day of today are happier than ever.

“The key to a relationship is that you have to work for two people. And you better work hard to make sure that this is so, because otherwise it will not be sustainable in the long term. In our case, things have changed for the better because I rediscovered my wife as a woman with whom I see spending the rest of my days and it has behaved in an incredible way, supporting me in everything that I’ve done”, has been recognized by the athlete.