Hailey Bieber spoke about the possibility of having a child with Justin Bieber


Justin Bieber and his wife Hailey is displayed each gives you ms lovers. Ms all of the marriageboth talked about the possibility of forming a family. Therefore, the model went back to discussing the topic and left everyone with the mouth open.

Hailey Bieber kept a ntima interview with the site Glamour UK where she spoke about his relationship with the couple. While the youth raised his desire to form a family and have children, the model confes that these plans are suspended for the moment.

“I am taking a method of contraception now where I don’t have a period, but still feel symptoms of the syndrome premenstrual and this may also affect my skin,” plant model.

The couple decided to comply with the mandatory quarantine in his mansin of Canada, so that the wife of Justin Bieber assured him that his skin is better, given that all air is ms clean, that when I’m in New York or Los angeles”.

That way, the model ensuring that you are not in a hurry to have a baby and for that reason, continue to enjoy the love you have. This is ace, the singer often share photos next to it, where both are seen daily life and very happy.