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Onward it is a Disney movie ,recently released, which takes place in a universe full of magic that has been overtaken by technology. The movie is starring the brothers Ian and Barley Lightfoot, played by Tom Holland and Chris Pratt respectively, two elves who live with their mother Laurel.

When Ian is 16, Laurel gives him a magic staff that belonged to Wilden (his father), who died when he was a baby. The gift is accompanied by a letter with a “spell” visit that will allow you to resurrect his father for a day, but as the magic is not as easy as it seems, the spell fails and only manages to bring back the bottom half of its parent.

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The presence of magic and creatures ranging from mermaids to manticoras, evidence that the tape has been influenced by different movies and books of fantasy very well known, including Harry Potter. In fact there is a scene dedicated to a well-known character in the series.

The reference to the creation of J. K. Rowling it is actually quite easy to detect. It happens when you are at the gas station where the brothers make a stop. Outside, where they get the Pixie Dusters, there is an announcement of a brand called Longbottom, as Neville Longbottom.

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Remember this one? it was one of the two children referred to in the prophecy of Sybill Trelawney, who spoke of the person with the power to defeat Lord Voldemort. Without a doubt, the feature film of Disney and makes a nice recognition to the small sorcerer.