I don’t play just for the fun of it


Serena Williams is at a crucial point in his career at this time. Most of the people are not expected to play for a long time and even less expected to be on the top of women’s tennis.

However, this will not be the first time that the american star will face detractors. Even when she married and became a mother, the most critics had dismissed.

Defying all, made a triumphant return to the tennis, which was a surprising response to all that put in doubt. However, that was before the Australian Open in 2020 that outlined a clear plan of action for her.

She believes that it is more about playing a good tennis or her at this time. Grand Slams come in second place. What did Serena Williams? Serena believes that at this stage I would be lying if I said I just want to have fun.

Your ultimate goal is to win and win big. Most of all, their eyes are strictly on to win the 24th Grand Slam of his career. “Definitely, I think, or they wouldn’t be touring. I don’t play just for the fun of it.

Losing is not really fun, play to lose personally. ” “I don’t know. It seems that I do well on the last two beats of the year. Serena believes still has the ability. Winning the first prize in tennis 23 times is definitely not a feat.

“I’ve won all several times. Definitely, each one is an opportunity for me to go out and win, ” “it’s not even about the hits, this is just me playing a good tennis, and I didn’t do it today.

That is all the more disappointing. So it’s not even about the victory, it is more that I am better than that. That is what it is for me today. ” Serena began the year with the best note.

She had a way out without ceremonies at the Australian Open. The legend american lost to Wang Qiang in an upset. It remains to be seen how it plays to his return. Your goal would be to win the much-discussed 24 ° Grand Slam. The fans definitely are supporting Serena Williams to surprise everyone.