‘Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade’ and ‘The Mask of Zorro’ are the double-feature film perfect Swashbuckling – / Film


(Welcome to The current quarantinea new series in which the team / Film shares what they have been seeing while dissociated from during the pandemic of COVID-19).

Movies: Indiana Jones and the last crusade (1989) and The mask of zorro (1998)

Where you can transmit them: Netflix

The tone: Two blockbuster movies of a bygone era when all you needed was a protagonist, I bet, a cheerful spirit of adventure and a lot of action sequences well-directed and of two cuffs to make a movie to be a box-office success.

Why are they essential to see the quarantine: We live in an era in which intellectual property has surpassed the movie star. People are not excited to see Robert Downey Jr., they are excited to see Iron Man. The public is not gathered to see the next movie of Daisy Ridley, but certainly love the King and his friends. In the past 20 years, the majority of the stars have fallen, as high concepts, principals, and the universes shares have shifted the attractive core to see someone who has the screen to spend two hours … well, owning the screen.

Indiana Jones and The Last Crusade and The Mask of Zorro were setbacks loving the styles past when launched for the first time. Now, these films, built on the shoulders burning Harrison Ford and Antonio Banderas respectively, are relics of another era. But what relics amazing!!!

Sometimes, time becomes a trinket in a work of art. This is the case of both films, movies, popcorn designed for mass consumption and to attract the largest possible audience at the time of its launch, which have been shown to be almost perfectly with the age. The saying “don’t make them like they used to do it!” is usually the sign of a brain trapped in the mode of nostalgia, a refusal to acknowledge how pop culture changes and changes … but damn, really do not make them like they used to do.

On the surface, both films could have been disposable. Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade is the third film in a series, the point at which all involved could have begun to telefonearla. In contrast, the director Steven Spielberg brings an energy fun to every moment, making every action scene with the wit of a comedy of Buster Keaton and the daring and visceral that it brought to Raiders of the Lost Ark (which is a better movie, but not as fun). In the same way, director Martin Campbell (three years after reinventing James Bond with GoldenEye and at least a decade to do it again with Casino Royale) will realize, with reason, with The Mask of Zorro of the most successful usually means to place the camera at a distance comfortable enough to allow The actors and the specialists do their work. Frankly, Spielberg and Campbell understand the meat and potatoes of a satisfactory shooting, shooting and punch more than anyone making films today.

Both filmmakers also know that they are building a movie about a movie star. Look, there’s no way around the fact that Harrison Ford, around 1989, you can be the protagonist more magnetic that Hollywood has ever seen, but Antonio Banderas, around 1998, is not so far away. Both men are surrounded by a strong support (sean Connery as the father of Indiana Jones is inspired and Anthony Hopkinsas you use a face brown scary, it is a delight as the mentor gray of the new Zorro), but the camera adores these men. Not only his jaw chiseled and his eyes intense, but also their smiles, their quick forms of intelligent dialogue, its physicality and, perhaps most important, their lack of ego on the screen. Of course, look great in these movies, but the only thing that Indy and Fox have in common is that they fall repeatedly before winning the day. These types are not superhuman. Bleed And that is why we love you.

I love Marvel, I Love the war of the galaxies. I am a fan of the blockbuster modern. But there is something about the late 80’s and early 90’s that goes straight to my soul. The best of these films is witty, fast and fun, but also intelligent and built on a solid foundation of character, history and respect for the public. They are a food truck: it looks like a fast food from a distance, but there is an artist in the kitchen that combines those flavors with total perfection. Cinema popcorn doesn’t get much better than these movies.

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