Jailyne Ojeda finished with dance of Yuliett Towers perreando at the rate of Safaera

Jailyne Ojeda was surprised all of his followers to move your body in this way

Yuilett Towers it is one of the models, and presenting more attractive, popular, and sensual that there is.

The reputation can be seen reflected in social networks, mainly Instagram, a platform where it has more than 5 million followers, who did not lose a single one of the publications that made.

In your profile, Yuliett Towers share photos and videos of their day-to-day, of the places they visit, the routines of exercise performed and the coexistence with friends and family.

The quarantine by coronavirus COVID-19 has caused the celebrities, including Yuliett Towers, looking for alternative platforms and more entertaining, as is the case of the TikTok, which allows you to create videos of short duration with musical effects.

In your profile, the model posted a video that left him breathless more than one, as appears by moving your body to the rhythm of reggaeton, while she is dressed in a tight outfit green.

@yuliett.torresI Pónteme back – JASC

However, despite the sensuality wasted, internet users claimed that the other woman passed it.

Was treated neither more nor less than Jailyne Ojeda, model mexicoestadounidense that became known thanks to the ardent photos that you share on social networks.

Jailyne Ojeda it is also very popular in Instagram, as it has more than 11 million followers, who are the slope of each one of the steps that gives.

In the video, according to internet users, surpassed Yuilett Towers, Jailyne Ojeda appears dancing to the rhythm of the popular song ‘Safaera’ Bad Bunny.

The model is wearing a small outfit of leopard and can appreciate the voluptuous figure which characterizes it.

For the moment, the audiovisual material has more than 900 thousand views and several comments where the public expresses the affection that he feels for her.

Jailyne Ojeda also joined TikTok, where little by little it begins to have fame thanks to videos like the one that hung on Instagram.

What do you think about Jailyne Ojeda? Do you think that is more attractive than Yuliett Towers?

Sources: LNN, Instagram and Gallery

Cover: Instagram @jailyneojeda and TikTok @yuliett.torres

Interior: @jailyneojeda

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