Javiera Q. Well, the model of the chilean plus size that prevails in the united States

The modeling industry has gradually evolved to the diversity, whether on the subject of sizes, the inclusion of people of different races, etc., it Is in this context that it is impossible to ignore the rise of the so-called modeling of large size, which aims to show another type of body that imposed the stereotypes of beauty.

In Chile, some exponents of this line are Jamie Wayne and Antonia Larraínjust to mention some, but abroad also we have a representative, and she is Jamie Q.’s Well.

The 24-year old man wins United States, the country came when he was just 11 years old. Currently has over 100 thousand followers on Instagram, is a youtuber, influencer and works with the agency “The Btwn” and thus with distinguished brands such as Rue 21 and Fashion Nova.

“I was born in Santiago and my family came to EE.UU in 2007. In April I turn 25 so I spend almost all of my youth here in the State of Maryland (near Washington D. C)”details exclusive to AR13 about his ascending career in north american soils.

Check out his interview below:

– How did you get started in modeling?

“I started modeling in September of 2019 professionally, and I signed with my agency for modeling by this date also. In reality I do not believe that my account of Instagram is just modeling, I love to get me photos. My work on YouTube and Instagram so I started about three or four years,”

– How influenced you growing up with this double culture (the chilean and the “gringa”)?

“The customs are super different then the understanding of the culture here, which I find a bit more reserved than in Chile, I struggled a bit. Does it cost Me to connect many times with the gringos, for the obvious differences that we have. Come here at the age of 11 and when I was at college I felt like in a movie. Small things also like don’t wave to kiss, or to have to hand what I found very weird. What I impact, of good form, were all the cultures that I had never seen. There are people of all races, colors, environments, etc, I feel more open-minded and free of prejudices thanks to that”

– Working with brands such as Rue 21, Fashion Nova, and recently you saw modeling a set of SavagexFenty of Rihanna, How does it feel to be part of the catalog of these brands but especially of Fenty?

“The ultimate in reality. It gives Me great joy that I am representing my country that I so love, see my factions, and letting them see the networks that it is okay to be as one is; that it is not necessary to have a body ‘perfect’ for modelling”

– Who are your references in the modeling? What do you expect in one year more?

“Ashley Graham I love it a lot, but in reality there are not a lot of people that you follow or that idealice because I feel a little toxic. I would rather focus on me and my goals. I would love to keep modeling and doing my videos on YouTube, I know that there are many opportunities in this career, and as one never knows where you’re going to get. So best leave it to develop alone and enjoy what I present.”

– What do you think of the Body Positive? Is it a part of your life?

“I support him completely but does not let define my life. I am many things and I don’t want to only be defined by a thing no more. I find that we like to be a part of groups to be identified, but you must be careful with the limits that one gets unintentionally. I love being a part of the Body-Positive, but did not stop there. I speak of culture, injustice, art, I feel to give advice, etc.”

– Do you think that your message has influenced other people to feel comfortable with their bodies?

“Many times I think no, but the messages that come to me make me think that yes. And not only with the issue of being body-positive being transparent with my followers also helps, because I also have my bad days. I am glad to know that women come to me for advice. I have maintained very good connections as well”

– If you live in the USA you’re always connected with Chile, Do you Think that the gap on the body positive is very wide especially in the advertising and media?

“It’s hard to say without living there, but from what I have been told, yes. In the networks I think is more open to the body positive, but to go beyond that. The clothing stores that don’t carry enough sizes, or for example, there are people on the beach looking at me weird for walking around with a bikini. These are things that need to change in our culture, but hopefully will improve soon”

Finally, What is the message you would express to those people who now feel insecure of your physical appearance?

“There is an expression of Frida Kahlo that says thus: ‘I am my own muse, I am the subject I know best’. That saying has helped me a lot in times that I feel alone. In the end, I focus on my stability, my career and my health. I try not to compare myself so much to other women, focus on my things and point. Insecurities are normal, don’t let a number on the scale dictate how they live their life. Everybody have the right to feel good, and this message is not only going to my girlfriends plus-size, but is for anyone who feels unsafe”


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