Jennifer Lopez postponed their wedding with Alex Rodriguez

Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom, Emma Stone and Dave McCary, James Middleton and Alizée Thimothet… Many couples have been forced to postpone your wedding by the crisis of the coronavirus that we are living at a global level. The illusion that they had to celebrate this special day surrounded by their family and friends has gone to a second plane, and he has not been forced to postpone their plans until that happens all this. The last to be affected have been Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguezas admitted the singer in an interview that he has done from your home with Ellen DeGeneres.

Jennifer Lopez postponed their wedding with Alex RodriguezVIEW GALLERY

“The quarantine and everything that we are experiencing has affected your wedding, because I’m sure that I íbais to get married any day of these and now no longer can you”, asked the popular presenter. “Do any of these? Actually yes that has affected us somewhat,” said Jennifer, recognizing that: “we Will see what happens… If I’m honest, I don’t know what’s going to happen in regard to the dates and everything else“. “We are in a period of waiting, like the rest of the world. So good, we have to wait and see how they resolve all this in a few months”, explained the interpreter On the floor, that is committed with the exdeportista the 9 of march of 2019.

– Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez celebrate their engagement party

The star’s Latin was somewhat concerned by this topic, I was very excited about the give the ‘yes I want’ Alex, after three years of love, in which they have become soul mates. Day after day, demonstrate that you are a great team and have formed the family they both dreamed of their respective sons, the twins Max and Emmethat the singer had with Marc Athony 12 years ago, and carried a charm with Natasha and Sheof 15 and 11 years, that the baseball player had during his relationship with Cynthia Scurtis.

Jennifer Lopez postponed their wedding with Alex RodriguezVIEW GALLERY

During the interview, Jennifer recognized that she was coming very well this break to be able to spend more time with your family, because due to his busy schedule professional always have to be traveling. “I’ve been such a mess during these past few years, it’s great to be home. I had planned to take some time off after the Super Bowl and World of Dance, I just recorded a few weeks ago,” said the interpreter Let’s Get Loud, ensuring that you are happy enjoying these days with your loved ones.

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