Journal of the quarantine: Do the ying-ying


Ying-ying by bunga-bunga.

The virus that can do everything. I dedicate from the heart the applause from the eight to the panda Ying-Yingthat , despite the name, had ten years without a mate, with his partner of confinement in the zoo Hong Kong, Le-Le. So much so that among the colleagues in the zoo, Ying-Ying (despite the name) was also known as “to me the bears pandas ni fu ni fa“. Crass error. Is that what that away to the couple in the consummation of conjugal was not another thing that the thousands of chinese and tourists, on a daily basis, they swarmed the zoo and pressed up against the cage. And was not only a question of intimacy. We often forget the Sapiens we are the top of the chain predator so that the rest of inhabitants of the planet must see us as a sort of Tiranosaurius Rexof foul stench and murderous look. Put yourself in a situation, imagine that a few Tiranosaurius they kidnap for confinarles and a zoo. Each day they crowd before the cage of hundreds as big and shoots and eat snacks made with meat from the neighbors. Size scenario movie gore who thinks about sex? Add that or you are Brad Pitt or his partner, after ten years doing nothing but eat bamboo and not glue nor nail, nor is it Angelina Jolie. And it reminds me of the joke that an ocean liner that is sinking and the captain and his second go out by legs in the first lifeboat to be shot, by rowing as around. “But captain… what about the children? And what about the women?”, question the Second. “If you, for women I am now”…

Godzilla by the street of bars. Yes, it’s Godzilla, but is Pontevedra. Our apologies to the readers.

Deer flying. I of nature or faba. All I know is that in the field there are ants to blade tip. But I’m a journalist, and have no chorra idea of something was never a barrier to pontificating. So that I am able to ensure that the deer do not fly, at least not the Cervus elaphus of eight points the past week were at the same time, and at points as far distant as Belmonte de Miranda, Pallars, Rivadesella, Soria, spain, Cantalejo, and, finally, in Duratón (Segovia), at least in the words of the Whasapp and the companions of the North of Castile, who as the expression goes ate it with potatoes. The deer were italians of Abruzzo, in fact in the video is heard to speak Italian, as it seems reasonable. In order to companions, that don’t wash does not break dishes. For if consoles, a while ago this writes the well prepared fat bent that I put on hold a wolf walked by Valsaínand in the end it turned out that it was a vulgar husky. And here I leave because if I start to look the same it turns out not to be what was not and Valsaín.

Fake news. Missing eyes in times of fake newsyou can sneak to the minimum. There are blasts of spontaneous nature. Pablete receives a video tropocientos wild boar camping by a road and as he sent his colleague Pedrete, of Sepulvedatate, forwards it with a “look Sepúlveda”. At the end of the piece arrives to the journalist of the guard and, given that only a genius discerns between a path of Sepulveda and another of Aldeonte, forward with the lanterns. Until it receives a dry request of address: “the wild boars, that go up to the office” (and in times like this you do not know what that cool to be your own boss). 20,000 downloads guaranteed, yes. There are nature is not so simplistic. Photos of bags in Madrid, Married reading a book upside down, Corcuera charging against Sanchez, or “Lab German complaint that the coronavirus was produced in Texas.” These last come signed by the hijodeputa of all life (some have to) and the hijodeputa paid for by a political party. Organized campaigns to the right and left tending to dump the anger on the opponent with the strike of a hoax or demagoguery smart type “with the salary of Messi, we would have a thousand virus experts”. Trump won and the elections, Vox it has to do the same. But no political force has clean hands in the matter. They are all on the ointment, they all play to outrage by shifting the anger to the opponent with the strike of a crash. Yes, solutions, few, the truth. Eye, therefore, is shared.

The roe deer feten. What’s deer Italian is not the only fake. Round another, dated in Matalascañas with a doe next to the sea. False also. The only feten are the roe deer and the roe deer that last Friday when they went from garbeo by the avenue of the Aqueduct. Knowledgeable sources assure that the be refused entry to the Sabbath, they threw to San Lorenzo where there are clubs more permissive for the wild fauna.

Data protection for deer. By the way, I say that there is anger in the local police because when recording camera images, violations of the data protection act… please! Now it’s going to be to protect the confindencialidad of ruminants. The next photo of flock of sheep parading under the aqueduct, pixelated, there are goats minors. A little bit of sesera, gentlemen, that we are losing the north. The image of the deer shit is propaganda of good for the city. We painted as a city roe deer-friendly, sustainable and machadiana. The Luquerolandia made photo. And it’s going to be that for a time the promotion comes back to us for free and we set out in the national barrunto pure for with the informant. It’s outrageous! What you need to do is to congratulate the officer for his good reflexes, and every week pull one out. Who are the news to die for news of cats dressed aguedera and chickens by blowing the wooden flute. Are the most.

Global call barbacollero. Speaking of animals, do not have Pedro Sanchez and his ministers a friend, family member you trust, I don’t know, someone who will want to, which I advise a bit of prudence and restraint in their interventions? Each weekend contest a “Aló presidente tv show” 70 minutes, so that neither the journalists are already drugs to bear it. After all, with a mask you get by by the coronavirus, but against the stroke there is no PPE that is worth. Often toston. And attention to the hilazón, how hard rhetoric that I just mark and just read you in the most solvent media (which this is). So to end the journal, now in the tone, as naturalist, I propose tostones. In particular suckling lamb from Castilla. That hearing the shepherd’s cry that the industry passes it fatal, I do from acueducto2 a patriotic call to put the whole gas chisqueretas, barbecues & grills and declare April the official month of the chops. That even if we quarantine, we’ve overcome the lent. A day less.