‘Jumanji 4’, with Dwayne Johnson, is already in development – News of film


Jake Kasdan, director of the hits ‘Welcome to the jungle’ and ‘Next level’, confirms that there will be a new sequel.

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If you liked the movie Jumanji: Welcome to the jungle (2017) and Jumanji: Next level (2019), you’re in luck. Why? Because the director of both, Jake Kasdan, has just revealed that Jumanji 4the next installment of the saga if you count the Jumanji original 1995 Robin Williams, it is located in a very initialprior to the closing of Hollywood because of the crisis of the coronavirus (COVID-19). So the idea is that, when the end of the confinement, this is one of the priorities of Sony Pictures.

In a recent interview for the launch of domestic Next levelwith Dwayne Johnson, Kevin Hart, Karen Gillan and Jack Black, Jake Kasdan has responded to the question of when we will see the following, whose argument is intuitively sensed in the scene poscréditos of the above. “We’re starting to talk about all that and the truth is that we have barely begun. We are surrounded in the conversation before this disgrace is global and we will resume when all the world is operating. We all love working together and we’ve loved making these [películas] […] I think that there will be a third [parte] and we are in the early stages of attempting to resolve how it will be”.

‘Jumanji 4’: do you Return the cast with Dwayne Johnson in the front?

Everything points to that, like Kasdan, the entire cast of stars will return for the continuation of Welcome to the jungle and Next level. The franchise has become a goose that lays the golden eggs for Sony Pictures, which has raised more than 1,750 million dollars, with both titles. It will all depend on how long will last the crisis of the coronaviruses, to balance the already busy schedules of the performers, and that the studies go back to normal. In the meantime, you have available the ‘reboot’ sequel on Netflix and its first sequel, you can see it through Movistar+ and Vodafone TV.

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Source: Collider