Justin Bieber talks about the passover and the sacrifice of Jesus


NOTICIACRISTIANA.COM.- The singer of secular music, Justin Bieber, shared a message on what you think of the Passover and the sacrifice that Jesus made for the world. This was reported in his CBN News.

Bieber used his social network Instagram to emphasize that Jesus loves us in spite of being sinners.

In the message the pop star wrote that God: “he created the sun, the trees, the grass, the birds, the mountains, the lakes, the oceans. I loves you! Loves you so much that he came to earth in human form, lived a perfect life without sin, to make the supreme sacrifice.

It also continued talking about the sacrifice of the crucifixion: “I would Die on the cross to receive the punishment for the mistakes that you and I have committed! Then rose from the dead to defeat death!”.

The singer said that the Easter describes the act of reviving of Jesus and that his death gives eternal life to those who believe in him.

“When we accept and believe what he did on the cross and die, in fact we graduated in eternity where there is no pain, anguish or embarrassment at all. I will live in eternity in complete bliss!”

He also stated that the Passover is about the good news and that we don’t have to strive to earn the love of God, because he already loves us.

Discussion in Instagram

A few weeks ago, the singer performed a conversation through a live stream on Instagram with the pastor, Rich Wilkerson, Jr.

In this talk, the singer put the themes: sin, forgiveness and eternal life.

Bieber started the chatter with questions that generated a lot of interest: “Who is Jesus? And What is the gospel?

The pastor responded: “The gospel is the good news,” responded Wilkerson. “And the good news of Jesus is that we were all born broken, we all wish to God, a hole in our soul, but Jesus came to fill the hole.

About Jesus, the pastor said: “we Believe that Jesus is the son of God, came to this world in human form, lived a life of flawless and perfect and became the atoning sacrifice; he paid the price for our sin. “

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