Justin Bieber: “we Cannot feel bad for the things that we have”


Justin Bieberlike many other artists, has been very active in their social networks, especially in his account of Instagram. There, has been showing their fans how to spend time during the quarantine. Even, on many occasions, he made some calls “Live” with other celebrities to amuse their followers.

In this opportunity, the call he shared with the controversial celebrity, Kendall Jenner. Those who spoke on the crisis that live in various countries of the world due to the coronavirus. In full conversation, Justin said that many people must be going through difficult times, and then made a comment that the burst of criticism.

“We are fortunate. There are many people who, in these moments, is going through a horrible situation. Surely they look at us to us. Well, we’ve worked very hard to be where we are today, so we can’t feel bad for the things that we have,” said Justin Bieber.

After the resounding affirmation, he added: “I Think it is very important to us to take consciousness of how lucky we are and that there are people that are really going wrong”. Comment Kendall responded immediately by ensuring “We are very fortunate. I think that all the time”.

Without a doubt, the words of the celebrity sparked many negative comments, even many fans said that their wealth did not come from a great effort, which they had to thank their family millions, because without them there would be nothing of what they can enjoy now.