Justin Timberlake and Anna Kendrick surprised to children whose nurse mother is fighting COVID-19 in New York


The Kelly family has remained in contact with the nurse mother Stacie through daily videos of iPhone while it is in the city of New York fighting against the pandemic of coronavirus. But by Friday, they had a big surprise waiting on the other line.

This morning on “TODAY”, host Hoda Kotb he told the viewers about Stacie Kelly, one of the many nurses from emergency who left their home states to help combat COVID-19, where it is stronger: New York. The native of Kansas, he left four children: Camryn, 4, McClain, 6, Delaynie, 8, and Sullivan, 10–, and her husband.

. @ jtimberlake and @ AnnaKendrick47 come as a surprise to the family of a nurse who left her family to fight against the coronavirus in the front lines in New York. pic.twitter.com/OnIbBxRwwB

– TODAY (@TODAYshow) April 10, 2020

As Stacie continued to work throughout the day, Kotb was found with the rest of your family via a video chat, where children praised the efforts of his mother. “She doesn’t want to die any person,” said one of the children when asked why he is helping people. To learn that all the children were fans of the movies of “Trolls”, she gave them a great surprise and bonded. Justin Timberlake and Anna Kendrick in the call.

All the children were in a state of shock when Justin first appeared on the screen, before Kendrick appeared on the scene. “Hello, Poppy!” exclaimed one of the children, making reference to the character of Kendrick in movies.

Kendrick asked if the children were “so proud” of her mother, saying that they should think that “this is the best mother in the world”. Agreed, screaming, “Yes!” Timberlake said that she is also his “heroine”, before you say hello to dad Mark. “I have a son of 5 years and it is difficult for me to do it sleep, you are my other hero!” said Justin

The call comes after Timberlake and Kendrick had a long virtual with another pair of kids cute during an appearance in “The show Kelly Clarkson”.

In an interview that aired today, Clarkson, who also provides a voice in the movies of “Trolls”, commissioned to your guests that you find something in the room that are “related”. While Justin and Anna grabbed wrists of his alter-egos, animated, Kelly was more literal with your search and brought his two sons, River and Remy, to the image.

“I love your performance”, said the little River to the two before being sent on their way.

“Trolls World Tour” is now available on VOD.