Kate Beckinsale caught in an outing with the young musician rock


Кейт Бекинсейл застали на прогулке с молодым рок-музыкантом

Kate Beckinsale. Photo: instagram.com/katebeckinsale

The british actress, star of “Another world”, 46-year-old kate Beckinsale caught in an outing with the young boyfriend – 22 years old canadian musician rock goody Грейсом. The guy only one year old daughter Beckinsale lily Mo Tires, writes Hollywood Life.

Sunday, April 12, the paparazzi captured the couple, resistant to the hand, in brentwood, california. It is not clear if they are officially the actress and the musician. Edition requested the comments of their representatives.

Kate and goody come together not for the first time. As he has written to the JUDGMENT, in January, these two will also be filmed together, and they seemed more than friends. In addition, Beckinsale and grace follow each other on Instagram, the actress has even left a couple of comments under his posts, in particular, smileys, under the video with goody, where he under the акстическую the guitar plays a cover of the song “The Story” of conan that is heated.

Кейт Бекинсейл застали на прогулке с молодым рок-музыкантом

Goody Grace. Photo: instagram.com/goodygrace

Kate and met with the men, much younger than she. So, by his recent connection with комедиантом Saturday Night Live pitom davidson that are prolonged for nearly four months, they separated in may of 2019.

Formerly LeMonade wrote that Ченнинг tatum and his girl again separated.

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