Katy Perry boasts the growth of your “baby bump” dressed playboy bunny

Katy Perry bragged proud of the impressive progress of her pregnancy dressed in a suit of white rabbit and pink to celebrate the Passover in a tender selfie he posted on Instagram this Sunday, April 12.

The singer of 35 years, that in the middle of the quarantine is in the sweet hopes of their first daughter with Orlando Bloom, radiated joy and serenity wearing the adorable onesie with the shown your holiday spirit and your cute baby bump excelled.

Fans of the singer of “Never Worn White and his colleagues were completely enternecidos with the last snapshot of the future mother and filled the publication of compliments and good wishes.

“Oh, how adorable! itBabycat is growing!”, “That is a Easter egg that you have there, miss Rabbit”, “my god, my God, she ages backwards, look at what young man is seen”, “oh Darling! I can not wait to see you and Orlando have the baby, and many more,” and “The baby bump peeking is so cute” were some of the reactions to the postcard, which reached almost 3 million of ‘likes’.

It was last march that Perry revealed to the public that she was pregnant. Also, at the beginning of April he shared that it was a girl.

Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom are happy to have a daughter

Recently, a source close to the couple promised revealed to People they both were very happy with the arrival of their offspring and that in addition were fascinated with the fact that it is girl.

“Both are very excited to have a baby. Also they are very happy to be a girl“explained the informant to the magazine. “They love that they have this amazing thing and positive on which to focus right now. It is a distraction so happy for them.”

Also, he said: “Katy really hopes that everything has calmed down with the virus for when the baby is born this summer“.

“She tries not to be overwhelmed by the birth, but definitely think a lot of it,” concluded the anonymous.

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