Kendall Jenner shares photo with her hair green


It is not common Kendall Jenner to make large changes look. Unlike his sisters, the supermodel stays true to her style with black hair, and his touches are quite discrete.

However, on occasions, Kendall has surprised his fans with styles unexpected, as was her transformation to blonde a few months ago, a style that remained just a couple of days.

Kendall Jenner wears a hair amazing with any color

The followers of the celebrity were impacted with a recent image in which it appears with the hair green.

The photo was shared by an account of fans of Instagram and we can appreciate the editing of an old picture of Kendall.

The green was not the only color that made the look famous, other versions of the image showed with the hair orange, purple, and pink.

Through their stories of Instagram, the model shared the photo and the fans showed their excitement.

“Oh my God, she reposteó”, “She gave like and shared “, “The purple is the best”, “Any color looks amazing”, “I Love how you left the color green”, “pink looks great”, were some of the comments in the original publication.

The image corresponds to the time in which she used her hair blond.

We show you in video: