kissing most famous of history


It is the International Day of the Kiss, and over the years is reminiscent of several kisses that have left their smell, have endured for generation and have a very interesting story.

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Here we leave the kissing more famous of history:

THE KISS OF TIMES SQUARE: This is one of the most years have endured, because, besides being an impressive photo, saved one of the best moments of the story, that is the end of the Second World War. Glenn Edward McDuffie, a sailor who was passing by at this iconic site is dedicated to kiss the women that were in the area when they announced the surrender of Japan. Edith Shain is the other person who is in the photo, a nurse.

The KISS OF JUDAS: Perhaps it is the most famous of all. The Judas kiss is the one that, according to the biblical accounts, sealed the betrayal of the apostle to jesus Christ, and gave him up to apresaran.

The KISS BETWEEN MADONNA, BRITNEY SPEARS AND CHRISTINA AGUILERA: Another of the kisses to be remembered is the one that gave these three singers for several years now. At that time, were the maximum exponents of the pop and I besaran between the three gave a lot to talk about.

THE KISS OF IKER CASILLAS AND SARA CARBONERO: In the world of sport also pours honey and one of the most unforgettable moments not only of south Africa 2010, but of all the world, is when, after winning the World Cup, Spain’s goalkeeper and hero along playing the cup, was interviewed by Sara, she asked him to whom I dedicated the historic victory, Iker, shocked and on the verge of tears, answered, “to thee,” and then kissed her surprisingly. Until that time, the world was not sure that there is a relationship, but this confirmed it.

THE RITUALS OF NADAL: Rafael Nadal is one of the greatest tennis players in history and has won a myriad of trophies, so you already have some rituals very defined, one of them is biting, to see that they are authentic and the other is to kiss them, like many other athletes that express the love toward the goal achieved.