Lady Gaga demands to world leaders by COVID-19


United States.- Lady Gaga has been using his voice and his 80 million followers on Twitter to speak directly with the presidents and prime ministers of countries and ask them to take action and provide resources to those affected by the COVID-19.

The actress and singer, first sent a message to the President of the French Republic Emmanuel Macron, asking him to support funding to the UN, and at the same time acknowledging his previous leadership against the pandemic.

“President Emmanuel Macron. Last year you showed your leadership in the battle against pandemics. Now we need to support this global fight against the COVID19 through the UN. We are all united that as citizens of the world”.

One after another Tweet, Gaga then spoke directly with the President of the European Commission, and Ursula von der Leyen asking for collaboration to collaborate with associations for investigating the cure for the Coronavirus.

“President Ursula von der Leyen. As a doctor you know that diseases know no borders. Thank you for moving forward with the UN and bilaterally to help against the COVID-19. We need your leadership in working to save lives with CEPI and GAVI. We are all in this as citizens of the world”.

Finally, he sent a message to Justin Trudeau and asked him to give new funding to GAVI to carry vaccines and save lives in poor countries.

“Hi Justin Trudeau. Thank you for the funding of ECCE, the UN needs it, and all this that Canada is doing to stop the COVID-19 with the #PlankTheCurve (Flattening the curve). Can Canada provide new funding to GAVI to carry vaccines and save lives in the poorest countries? We are all in this together as citizens of one world”.

Lately, the singer has used his influence to ask for large donations to companies like Apple to allocate funds to people in need of food.

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