Lady Gaga: Filter in Internet new details of Chromatica, her next album


Lady Gaga has become the trend of social networks then that is filtraran new details Chromatica, the sixth album of the singer, whose premiere was planned to be done this coming April 10, but its release had to be postponed because of the coronavirus.

The new studio album of the Mother Monsteras it is known to the singer in the music industry, has become one of the most anticipated by their fans, who are fascinated with the work that you did with the simple Stupid Love.

So it is not surprising that the littlemonsters, as they call the fans of Lady Gaga, are eager to learn more about Chromatica and with the revelation of the official cover and its different formats that will be available, the wait seems to be eternal.

Lady Gaga turns to be the victim of leaks

Unfortunately the day has unveiled the tracklist for the new album thanks to some images that a person shared on social networks, because this presumes you already have in your hands a physical copy of Chromatica, which apparently had already requested.

Users of social networks believe that the team work of Lady Gaga forgot that the singer had postponed the launch date, and that this unfortunate error now all can know that Ariana Grande and the group from south korea BlackPink will be part of the new album.

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He has also begun to circulate on the Internet a small fragment of Babylon, a new song which belongs to the new album of Lady Gaga but so far it is not known if this is a fanmade or it could be an error as occurred with Stupid Love, which was screened in its entirety one month before its premiere.

Photos: Instagram @ladygaga