Liam Hemsworth has his health crisis when separated from Miley Cyrus


We have more and more clear that 2019 was a terrible year for Liam Hemsworth. The actor has been granted an extensive interview to the magazine Men’s Health where he speaks openly of his ‘annus horribilis’.

After confessing that he took refuge in the sport to cope with her painful break up with Miley Cyrusthe brother of Chris Hemsworth also explains the health problems that led him to go through the surgery and to consider quitting the vegan diet that followed.

“I’ve been a vegan for four years, but by the beginning of 2019 I suddenly started to feel very tired. Shortly after the doctors discovered she had a stone in a kidney, and I assure you that were the weeks most painful of my life,” said the actor of “The Hunger Games”.

Medical advice

Kidney stones that caused that I had to suspend the promotion of his latest film to Netflix, “Isn’t it romantic?”, with actress Rebel Wilson.

After going under the knife late last year, the medical team of Liam advised him to leave aside his vegan diet since it could re-occur this calculation in the kidney: “once you’ve had a kidney stone you have the double of possibilities of re-get it if you keep the same diet. And my stone in particular was caused by the excess of oxalate in my body, which is a substance abundant in vegetables, especially in spinach, beets, potatoes and almonds”.

A situation of the more complicated that just coincided with the signing of the papers of her divorce with Miley Cyrus. A relationship that was shattered just a few months after being given the ‘I do’ at the ranch of the interpreter in Tennessee.