Liam Hemsworth reveals how stressful that was his relationship with Miley Cyrus


Liam Hemsworth ensures that always had drama around him when he was with Miley Cyrus.

Miley and Liam shocked the world with their sad separation, the guys that had maintained a relationship full of ups and downs during 10 years, we broke his heart when they decided to separate.

This was where Miley Cyrus learned from his first break with ...

However, during an interview with Men’s Health, Liam revealed that his relationship with Miley was always very stressful, because they were always in the public eye: “Over a long period of time, it was very stressful and it really caught me“.

And he explained: “Yes, look, there are times when you want to lash out and say something … because from my point of view, most of the times the things that are written about me are completely false. There are times that you want to talk, and there are others in that it is not worth, because only you are going to call more attention to it, and then it is better not to think about that and let it all fade away“.

Liam said that now that he is no longer with Miley, has finally found the peace and calm that you so needed in your life:

These days, I don’t want to invest more time on worrying about that kind of stuff. I remind myself what now appreciate and enjoy each moment as much as possible, either working or with my family or whatever you are doing. Just try to find something positive in everything and enjoy life as much as possible“.

Currently Liam maintains a relationship with model Gabriella Brooks, and he has been very happy with it, as it has managed to keep a relationship low-profile.

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